Week Beginning 25.03.19


Children will need to be collected at 1pm on Thursday 4th April. Please make sure you book a Parent Consultation appointment if you have not already done so.


Year 2 Team

This Week’s Learning

Topic: We began the week by locating the East Coast of Australia and found out key information about this area. After, we gathered descriptive vocabulary about the Great Barrier Reef. We then planned and wrote our own setting description on the Great Barrier Reef and we finished the week by editing it.

Maths: We began the week by continuing to add two 2 digit numbers. We then had a practical lesson to gain an understanding of column addition when exchanging. We then practised adding two 2 digit numbers with and without exchanging. Finally, we solved addition word problems by using column addition.  

Homework and Spellings

The children have been set a writing based activity that focuses on pretending they have visited the Great Barrier Reef  and writing their own postcard. Please find this in their homework books and return by Thursday 4th April at the latest. Children have a new list of spellings to take home this week, which focuses on words that include the suffix ‘ness’. The spelling quiz will be on Friday 5th April. Please keep your spelling sheets at home to practise.