This Week’s Learning

Topic: We began the week by locating Sydney on a map and identifying different landmarks that can be found there. We then looked at the history of Aboriginals and created our own pieces of Art by following the style of Aboriginal art work. Then we discussed and explained what we had learnt and enjoyed during our topic ‘Down Under’. Finally, we wrote a postcard that included all the things we had learnt about Aborigines and their culture.

Maths: This week be have been subtracting a two digit number from another two digit number using blank numberlines. We ended the week by using what we had learnt to solve subtraction problems.

Homework and Spellings

The children have been given an ‘Easter Booklet’ to complete over the holidays. It contains some Maths arithmetic questions, grammar and punctuation questions and a reading comprehension.

Children have a new list of spellings to take home this week, which focuses on words that include the suffix ‘ment’. The spelling quiz will be on Friday 26th April. Please keep your spelling sheets at home to practise.