Week Beginning 05.11.18

It is Anti-Bullying week next week. Choose Respect is the theme for Anti-bullying Week 2018.  The children will be taking part in a range of activities over the week linked to anti-bullying.  Activities include: The wall of respect, writing an acrostic poem on the theme of ‘choose respect’ and designing a ‘respect’ wristband.  Assemblies on Tuesday will have a bullying/anti-bullying focus, and we will be looking out for children who ‘choose respect’ over the week.

Please ask your child to share what they have learnt during this week.  They should be able to explain what bullying is, what to do if worried about bullying, and know that they are in control over the way they behave and treat others.

Also, could we kindly ask parents to contribute any unwanted books, dolls, Lego and games for the children to use during wet play.


Thank you

This Week’s Learning

Topic: We have located Scotland on a map and moved onto naming the key physical and human attractions of Edinburgh. Finally we read Katie in Scotland, considered the purpose and structure of a story and gathered vocabulary for a new story.

Maths: We are going to start the week by adding tens to a one digit number to solve missing number problems. We will then move onto adding a two digit number to a two digit number.

Homework and Spellings

Children have a new list of spellings to take home this week, which will focus on the sounds ‘j’ spelt ‘ge’ or ‘dge’. Please find these below:

week 2 Miss Sims , Ms Walsh’s and Miss Oldroyd’s group

week 2 Miss Sims , Ms Walsh’s and Miss Oldroyd’s group week 2 Miss Punter and and Miss Oldroyd’s group

There will be a spelling test every Friday. Please practise these at home every day.

Children have also been set a maths activity this week. Please add a one digit number to a two digit number e.g 23 + 6 = 29. Please encourage the children draw their tens and ones. Please find this in their homework books and return by Thursday 15th November at the latest.