Don’t forget, it is Come and Be Nosy on Wednesday 22nd January 2020, 8:45-9:30.

Topic: In English, we will be planning and writing our historical narrative based on ‘Escape from Pompeii’.

In maths, we are continuing our work using the column method to multiply two digit numbers by a one digit number. We will then be dividing numbers into equal groups.

PSHE: To work out the best way to achieve new learning challenges.

RE: To explain why Muhammad is important to Muslims.

PE: Indoor PE – dance (combine two phrases to create a dance of two parts) and Outdoor PE – Hockey (continuing to dribble the ball with speed and pass and receive using the push pass)

English: Write a paragraph to describe the setting of Pompeii before the eruption.

Spellings: The rule for this week is adding suffixes beginning with a vowel to words with more than one syllable e.g. limited

Please remember to read at least 4 times per week to receive a marble in the jar!

Oak Class: Ujin and Oliver

Ash Class: Emiya and Finley

Year 3 Learning this Week

In our topic, at the beginning of the week, we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of living near a volcano.

We then started reading ‘Escape from Pompeii’ which is a story of a time when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. We looked at the features of a historical narrative.

We then looked at the character Tranio and took part in a hot seating activity to understand his character better. We asked him lots of questions.

On Thursday, we went to the Natural History Museum to find out more about volcanoes, earthquakes and rocks. We has such fun but it was a very tiring day!

We have our trip next week on Thursday 16th January 2020. We will be leaving at 9 so please make sure that you are in on time that day. Also make sure that you have a packed lunch in a bag with a drink. Children need to wear school uniform but can wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking!

Topic: In Geography, we are looking at the positive and negatives of living near a volcano. We are then going to start our narrative unit where we will look at the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’. We are going to identify features of a historical narrative and hot seat a character in the story. We will write a character description and a setting description based on the story.

In maths, we are using our times tables knowledge and applying it to the compact method when multiplying two digit numbers.

PSHE: To look at our dreams and ambitious that are important to us.

RE: To understand why Allah has many different names.

PE: Indoor PE – dance (use a visual stimuli to create a dance with dynamics) and Outdoor PE – Hockey (continuing to dribble the ball with speed)

Maths: Practise your time tables – do the times tables you feel confident with. Remember the times tables for Year 3 are 3, 4 and 8 so these need to be done. Try to challenge yourself with the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables.

Spellings: The rule for this week are words with the short /i/ sound spelt using y e.g. myth and gym

Please remember to read at least 4 times per week to receive a marble in the jar!

Oak Class: Aiden O and Rae

Ash Class: Tereza and Skye

Ash Class recieved the Gold Attendance trophy. Well done!